Mission and Vision


  • To organize distressed people into small group.
  • To organize build up themselves into Institution.
  • To educate themselves about health and nutrition.
  • To collect Micro Finance small saving fund from this Members and utilize the fund for development of themselves.
  • To impart training on various aspect for Socioeconomic Development.
  • To train up to Agriculture.
  • To train up on Nursery work.
  • To train up Housing program work.
  • To extend Relief and rehabilitation when situation arisen.
  • To make effective Disaster Management Program for help of disaster people.
  • To make anti violence program.

For implementing these program necessary fund would be managed raised contribution of the members and donation from different benevolent donors and also generation income from different sources of the organization.


The Society proceeds with following main objectives:

  • To work for improvement the Socioeconomic condition of weaker, landless and low income families of the community.
  • To make under privileged people self-reliant in every aspect of life.
  • To ensure fulfillment of basic needs like food, cloth, shelter, education and health facilities etc. of under privileged people.
  • To ensure optimum utilization of local resources for the development of common people.
  • To raise the sleeping strength of target people and develop them at level of consciousness.
  • To undertake different initiatives against natural disaster.